Arvin Farid

Boise State University United States of America

Dr. Arvin Farid is an associate professor and the graduate coordinator of the Civil Engineering Department at Boise State University in Boise, Idaho, United States. He has been a member of ASCE since 2003. He is now the vice chair of ASCE-GI Geoenvironmental Committee. He has actively conducted research in various fields such as civil, geotechnical, geoenvironmental, and electrical engineering, as well as geophysics. He has published in several journals in various fields from ASCE and ASTM journals to IEEE transactions. He has been nominated for the 2017 ASCE Middlebrooks Award. He has also been the recipient of several research grants and awards from NSF and NASA.

Arvin Farid

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This book is based on the contributions of several authors and attempts to describe the roles human activities play in causing geohazards either directly or indirectly through man-made climate change. The risk of these man-made geohazards and the risk assessment are also discussed in this book. Each chapter keeps the authors’ notations that vary from chapter to chapter. These authors’ notations have been maintained to reduce unintended confusion and errors. Readers should be aware of this variation.

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