Toshiaki Ichinose

National Institute for Environmental StudiesJapan

Toshiaki ICHINOSE is an Executive Senior Research Scientist at the National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES), Japan, and a Professor at the Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya University. With an academic background in Geography and Civil Engineering, he is interested in various aspects of Urban Environment Systems, ranging from urban climatology, energy systems and GIS to their application in urban planning. In particular, he has performed many relevant field surveys in China and other Asian countries. He has authored many related publications including Counteracting Urban Heat Islands in Japan (Elsevier “Urban Energy Transition,” 2008). He has served as a board member of the International Association for Urban Climate (IAUC) and a member of the WMO Expert Team on Training on Urban Climatology. His main on-going research topic is Strategic Urban Planning and Assessment of Low-Carbon Cities.

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