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National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Marilena Vlachou is an Associate Professor at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUoA), Greece. She obtained her Pharmacy and Ph.D. (Pharmaceutical Technology) degrees from the NKUoA. Just prior to obtaining her Ph.D. she moved to the University of Rhode Island, United States, as a Visiting Research Scientist to conduct state-of-the art research on Pharmaceutical Technology techniques. Her research interests include: the formulation and in vitro release of bioactive substances from topical formulations; the efficacy and safety of formulations in skin disease therapies; the modified release of novel synthetic derivatives, with diverse activity; the investigation of the physicochemical properties of new excipients, including those of marine origin (Ulvans), and nanomaterials, with respect to their interaction with active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs); 3D/4D printlets; pediatric delivery systems.

Marilena Vlachou

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This book, on the pineal hormone melatonin, is addressed to a wide non-cognizant and cognizant readership. The hormone appears to be involved in sleep onset and other functions associated with the body’s clock, the suprachiasmic nucleus. It is ubiquitous throughout both the animal and plant kingdoms and has a long evolutionary history as a hormone. Melatonin has a major role in the regulation of circadian rhythms in non-mammalian vertebrates and forms part of their control in mammals. The present text emphasizes the positive role of exogenously administered melatonin, and its synthetic derivatives, on disrupted circadian rhythm-related dysfunctions. This is effected by resetting the clock in jet lag sufferers and those with seasonal affective disorders, insomnia, and various neurological conditions.

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