Alessandra Battisti

Sapienza University of Rome

Alessandra Battisti is a practicing architect and Full Professor of Environmental Design and Technology of Architecture at the School of Architecture, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, where she oversees the master’s programs in Landscape Architecture and Architecture-Urban Regeneration. She is also the director of the level-II master’s program in the Valorization and Enhancement of Small Historical Centers. She is on the faculty board and teaching staff of the Ph.D. in Environmental Design and Planning. She is an expert consultant for the European community, the Italian Ministry of Universities and Research, and the Italian Ministry of Culture. She has published more than 200 scientific publications and 14 books. She is the winner of more than thirty international architectural competitions.

Alessandra Battisti

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Due to climatic, social, and epidemiological challenges, urban areas are suffering from recurring problems that require profound and sustainable solutions. Although they cover only a small area of the earth’s surface, metropolises are responsible for most of the world’s global carbon emissions, which cause adverse effects on energy and the climate. This book discusses the spatial development of urban areas in the context of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Chapters address the problems of large urban agglomerations, examine their impacts on both people and the environment, and propose intervention policies and strategies. The book also presents case studies from different areas of the world, including Chile, Brazil, and India.

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