Alessandra Battisti

Sapienza University of Rome

Alessandra Battisti is Architect, PhD, Full Professor in Technology of Architecture and Environmental Design in the Department of Planning, Design and Technology of Architecture, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy. She is Director of the 2nd level University Master‘s degree course in “Valorisation and enhancement of small Historical centres”, and Member of the Faculty Board and Teaching Staff Member for the Ph.D. in Environmental Design & Planning. Since 1993 she has been carrying out research, teaching and experimentation activities on topics such as technological innovation for environmentally aware architecture, buildings ecological and energetic efficiency, bioclimatic approach in design and environmental sustainability, urban analysis and urban regeneration. She holds strong expertise in sustainable architecture, energy building, renewable energy, and their relation with regeneration processes of existing urban fabric and architecture. Dr Battisti is expert consultant for the European Community - DG XXII – in the Energy in Building sector; expert consultant on the Roster of Consultants and Permanent Roster of Auditors launched by the MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research). She is also a Member of the Working Group for Energy Efficiency of Cultural Heritage of MiBACT (Italian Ministry of Culture and Tourism). Dr Battisti has authored over 200 scientific publications , edited 14 books and is the winner of more than 30 international architectural competitions.

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