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Marian University - Indiana

PROFILE / SUMMARY Demonstrated ability to target and increase quality for a deliverable despite interruptions, competing demands, fixed time and costs. Results oriented, clarifying the scope of a desired product while rank ordering the nice-to-haves. Data-mining to increase transparency of information and efficacy of solutions. EDUCATION Washington University | Ph.D Biochemistry /Computatioinal Biology 2001 - 2008, St. Louis, MO Duke University | B.S. in Chemistry, B.S. in Biology 1996 - 2000, Durham, NC EXPERIENCE Marian University | Assistant Professor of Biochemistry January 2013 - PRESENT | Indianapolis, IN ✦ Research interests: health outcomes database development, social fitness app development, triggers and datamining on Electronic Medical Records, probiotic and microbiome interaction and sequencing, Alzheimer's amyloid binding therapeutics, HIV drugs made by bread, engineered nanocomputers in a cell, public policy. ✦ Started a new medical school: designed curriculum, developed - sole curricular mapping used for accreditation, workload analysis, mapping all fine grained board prep material to lectures. ✦ Built an online shared resource for all medical schools. >20% of all biochem content covered and growing. ✦ Created a database from First Aid to map all content to lectures. Elucidated gaps in curriculum and exposed density within each lecture. ✦ Teaching medical students the foundations of biochemical medicine. Mapping curriculum, database of objectives searchable across 2 years of curriculum, by keyword for class notes, powerpoint slides, and video. ✦ Created a shared secure biochemistry board style test bank across dozens of medical schools. ✦ Course coordinator of Scientific Foundations, Reproduction, Pediatrics, Gerontology, and Psychiatry. Dupont & Pioneer | Manager & Senior Research Associate April 2010 - December 2012 | Des Moines, IA - 7000 NW 62nd Avenue Johnston, IA 50131 ✦ Manager of computational biology group (10 people). ✦ Management of all production SNP marker data and application development for such data. Use of various computational tools towards this end such as Spotfire, SQL, Uniflow, javascript. ✦ Review project portfolio and re-evaluate project priorities (6σ). ✦ Examine production processes and workflows to identify deficiencies and bottlenecks. ✦ Planning and development of new LIMS system (multiple, globally interconnected real-time production and analysis databases). Eurofins Scientific | Technical Manager & Scientist February 2009 - April 2010 | Des Moines, IA - 2200 Rittenhouse St #175, Des Moines, IA 50321 ✦ Managed 10 chemists and microbiologists (analysts for vitamin testing of fat soluble, water soluble, and micro vitamins). ✦ Roadmap development to improve speed, quality, and financial bottom line. ✦ Cost effective analysis such as analyst hours versus robotic investment, or consumables versus reusables. ✦ Method development and validation of various vitamin tests for food, feed, and supplements. This includes work with microbiology, extraction, saponification, purification, HPLCs, UPLCs, MSMS, fluorometer, and robotics. ✦ LIMS development, training, and implementation. ✦ ISO certification preparation and compliance. Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC ) | Chemistry Instructor January 2009 - May 2009 | Des Moines, Iowa ✦ Instructor for Inorganic Chemistry Class and Lab. Pfizer | Computational Biologist III June 2008 - December 2008 | St. Louis, MO - 700 Chesterfield Pkwy W, St. Louis, MO 63198 ✦ Use of many computational tools such as Pathway Studio (Ariadne), Ingenuity, and Bibliosphere (Genomatix) for pathway mapping, Evince for Principal Components Analysis, and Spotfire for analysis and presentation. ✦ Developed a refined systems biology model of inflammation pathways in an effort to increase success rate of compounds put into clinical trials. ✦ Collaboration with every level of R&D process (i.e. technicians, scientists, group leaders, administrators) to refine current and define future R&D efforts. ✦ Affymetrix and Agilent genome chip analysis for multiple projects. Analyzing all historical Pfizer mouse genome data across all time, comparing pathway analysis to explain confusing of ongoing clinical trial data. ✦ In house file conversions/programming. National Academies of Sciences | Science & Technology in Public Policy Fellow January 2008 - June 2008 | Washington, D.C. - 2101 Constitution Ave NW, Washington, DC 20418 ✦ Researched and helped draft a report with guidelines for the publishing, sharing, and storage of digital research data. ✦ Helped design and organize a National Academies symposium on international renewable energies. Wrote executive summary with symposium questions. ✦ Researched and fact-checked Op-Ed reviewing US competitiveness in education and research funding for Norm Augustine (Chair for the Rising Above the Gathering Storm Committee and Report). Washington University | Biochemistry Graduate Student September 2001 - Mary 2008 | St. Louis, MO ✦ Design and synthesize rigidified cyclic peptides that mimic the Cα-Cβ vectors of β-turns found in the protein data bank (PDB). These compounds were classified generically to enable substitution of any 4 amino acid sequence for each β-turn type. ✦ Computationally probe the energy landscape of cyclic tetrapeptides using conformational searches and density functional theory (Macromodel, Sybyl, and Gaussian software). ✦ Synthesize cyclic peptides by Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis and purify by HPLC. ✦ Validate stability of low energy conformation by NOESY NMR in CHCL3 and H2O. ✦Computationally screen low energy and NMR conformers for overlaps with Cα-Cβ vectors of β-turns found in the PDB to develop a library of β-turn mimics which mimicked over half of the reverse turns in the PDB. Veritas Labs | Scientist July 2000 - July 2001 | Rockville, MD ✦R&D on SNP recognition and purification of biotinylated primers. ✦ Various outsourcing projects: first NIH human genome sequencing, vector swapping, point mutation/deletion, preparation of bacteriophage libraries, primer synthesis. Stanford Biochemistry Lab | Lab Technician June 1999 - August 1999 | Palo Alto, CA ✦ Purify proteins using affinity, gel, and substrate column chromatography. ✦ Motility assays constructed around the Listeria M. bacterium movement in cytoplasm with the use of the protein ActA. Tested movement of beads coated with ActA in various conditions of extract to shed light on the polymerization process and force generated. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) | Assistant Scientist Summers 1995 - 1998 | Gaithersburg, MD ✦ Enhanced atomic imaging using a Ultra High Vacuum Scanning Tunneling Microscope (UHV STM) by refining atomically sharp tips and streamlining imaging processes. ✦ Used STM, FIM, and SEM hardware; Matlab & Mathematica software. Duke University | Assistant Chemist 1998 - 1999 | Durham, NC ✦ Designing improvements in signal to noise ratio of fluorescently labeled DNA. AWARDS ✦ Association of Biochemistry Educators (ABE) - President Elect 2019-2021 (President 2021-2023) ✦ Association of Biochemistry Educators (ABE) Certificate of Appreciation - Leading national effort to build a med school secure testbank of questions (2017) ✦ Sole Indiana Policy Ambassador for American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB), 2018 - present. ✦ American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) Advocacy Training Program (ATP) inaugural fellow, 2018. ✦ Editor of Neural Regeneration Research ✦ Faculty of 1000 Biology: for Arbor S et al Biopolymers 2008 90 (3) :384-93 ✦ National Academies Science and Policy Fellowship (2008) ✦ Young Scientist Program Mentor Award Recipient (2007) ✦ NIH National Graduate Student Research Festival, funded participant ✦ Computational Biology Training Grant (2003-2005) ✦ Siteman Cancer Center Research Pathway Grant (2002-2004) ✦ Microscopy Society of America Undergraduate Scholarship (1998) PRESENTATIONS ✦ 09/19/2019 - Becoming a Scientist. Invited speaker - Career Day, Pike HS Indianaplis, IN. Slidedeck at ✦ 05/15/2019 - Increasing Quality Adjusted Life Years (QALYs). Invited speaker - American Medical Student Association (AMSA). Slidedeck at . ✦ 05/09/2019 - Shared Medical School Lectures via Google Slides. ABE 2019 Conference. Slidedeck at ✦ 05/07/2019 - ABE Question Bank Review - a Workshop. ABE 2019 Conference. ✦ 11/30/2018 - Medical Marijuana CBD in Indiana. 37th Annual Winter Update Indiana Osteopathic Association. Invited speaker - Slidedeck. ✦ 6/6/2018 - “Medical student knowledge of religious bioethics & Trainability via a novel ethics grid”. Association of Fransciscan Colleges and Universities Symposium (AFCU) 2018 Slidedeck at ✦ 6/4/2018 - “Federal vs State medical law – Funding, Incentives, & Enforcement”. American Medical Student Association (AMSA). Invited speaker. Slidedeck , Video. ✦ 5/11/2017 - “Mapping Curriculum across Disciplines and Time – Easy Generic ad hoc Databases”. Invited speaker at the 2017 biannual conference for the Association of Biochemistry Course Directors. ✦ 5/9/2017 - “Working to Create a Secure Biochemistry Question Bank: Student Objectives and Competencies in Biochemistry". Invited workshop speaker at the 2017 biannual conference for the Association of Biochemistry Course Directors. ✦ 5/8/2017 - "Using Competency-Based Assessments to Monitor and Coach Pre-Clerkship Medical Students". Invited panel member at the 2017 biannual conference for the Association of Biochemistry Course Directors. ✦ 4/5/2017 – “Medical Marijuana Use in Indiana - Navigating the Hazy Scientific, Legal, and Ethical Terrain”. Invited panel member to Airbanks Center For Medical Ethics Continuing Education Panel. ✦ 10/5/2016 – Personalized Medicine Roundtable. Invited speaker hosted by the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network. ✦ 5/11/2016 - Fostering Student Learning with Interactive Lectures and Polling. Invited speaker at Marian University Tech Summit 2016. ✦ 9/19/2015 – The Future of Epigenetics - Patient Power vs. BIG Pharma. Invited speaker for annual Pre-SOMA conference. Students of Osteopathic Medical Association. ✦ 6/2/2014 - American Chemical Society (ACS) - Invited speaker at a regional event held at Eli Lilly – “Split inteins as invivo therapeutics”. PUBLICATIONS ✦ Sage Arbor*, Namita Biala, Scott Breeden. Bioethics versus World Religions Grid Resource and Online Quiz. MedEdPublish 2019, submitted. SocArXiv. BiorXriv ✦ Arbor, Sage*; Binstock, Judith; Sankhavaram, Panini; Rashid, Hanin; Abali, Emine. Development and validation of a shared secure biochemistry test bank for medical, dental, and pharmacy schools. Medical Science Educator. Accepted Oct 2019. ✦ Susan D. Cline, Jana M. Simmons, Eric C. Niederhoffer, Danielle L. Cruthirds, Sage C. Arbor, David S. Franklin, Emine E. Abali, Robert C. Bateman Jr, Joseph D. Fontes, Janet E. Lindsley, Peter A. Rubenstein, Karen Symes, Susan M. Visell. Teaching Biochemistry to Students of Dentistry, Medicine, and Pharmacy: 7th International Conference of the Association of Biochemistry Educators (ABE) Tucson, AZ, USA, May 5–9, 2019. Medical Science Educator. 2019. DOI: 10.1007/s40670-019-00851-w. ✦ Joe Bondi, Sage Arbor* (2019). The trend, frequency, and use of scientific sources in the United States Congress. Journal of Science Policy & Governance. Submitted. SocArXiv. August 6. doi:10.31235/ ✦ Cumbay, M., LaFontaine, M., and Arbor, S. (2019). Mechanistic Insights into Neurodegenerative Diseases: The Potential for the Development of Novel Therapeutics. In Pathology, Prevention and Therapeutics of Neurodegenerative Disease, S. Singh, and N. Joshi, eds., pp. 225–240. doi:10.1007/978-981-13-0944-1_20 ✦ Arbor, S. (2018). Where and How in the mTOR Pathway Inhibitors Fight Aging: Rapamycin, Resveratrol, and Metformin. Resveratrol - Adding Life to Years, Not Adding Years to Life. doi:10.5772/intechopen.79338 ✦ Brooks, S., Biala, N., and Arbor, S. (2018). A searchable database of medical education objectives - creating a comparable gold standard. BMC Med Educ 18, 31. Pdf. ✦ Arbor, Sage. (2017) “Personalized Medicinal Complexity Beyond Single Clinical Trials: Gene Therapy, Pharmaceuticals Combinations, and Modular Biological Nanomachine Frameworks.” JBCS, 2018, 1: 24–27. doi:10.29199/JCAR-101015 ✦ Arbor, S. (2017). Targeting amyloid precursor protein shuttling and processing - long before amyloid beta formation. Neural Regen Res 2017 12, 207–209. ✦ Arbor, S.C. *, LaFontaine, M., and Cumbay, M. (2016). Amyloid-beta Alzheimer targets — protein processing, lipid rafts, and amyloid-beta pores. Yale J Biol Med 89, 5–21. ✦ Linda Berg-Cross, Sage Arbor. How the Internet is Changing the Business of Science: a Review of Science and the Internet: Communicating Knowledge in a Digital Age by Alan G. Gross and Jonathan Buehl. Psychcritiques August 15, 2016, Vol. 61, No. 33, Article 5 ✦ National Academy of Sciences (US), National Academy of Engineering (US) and Institute of Medicine (US) Committee on Ensuring the Utility and Integrity of Research Data in a Digital Age. Ensuring the Integrity, Accessibility, and Stewardship of Research Data in the Digital Age. Washington (DC): National Academies Press (US); 2009. Available from: ✦ Arbor, S.C.*, Marshall G.R. A virtual library of constrained cyclic tetrapeptide that mimics all four side-chain orientations for over half the reverse turns in the protein data bank. Journal of Computer Aided Molecular Design, , 23: pp. 87-95, 2009. ✦ Arbor, S.C.*, Kao, J., Wu, Y., Marshall G.R. c[D-pro-Pro-D-pro- N-Methyl-Ala] adopts a rigid conformation that serves as a scaffold to mimic reverse-turn. Biopolymers (Peptide Science), 90(3): pp. 384-393, 2007. ✦ Silver, R.M., Singer, A.E., Carroll, C.L., Berg-Cross, S. C. and Potzick, "Optical Overlay Metrology at NIST" in Proceedings of the KLA MicroLithography Seminar, 1996. INTERESTS ✦ Ethics: Plato, Aristotle, Stoics ✦ Economics: Copenhagen Consensus, CAFTA, openAI ✦ Climate Change: renewable energies, carbon tax, clean coal, conservation/efficiencies ✦ Wrestling: Division I Duke wrestling, High School coach

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