Rita Rezzani

University of Brescia

Dr. Rita Rezzani is Professor of Human Anatomy and Chairman of the Anatomy and Physiopathology Division of the Department of Clinical and Experimental Sciences, University of Brescia, Italy. She is the Director of the Interdipartimental Research Center for the study of the Adaptation and Regeneration of Tissues and Organs (ARTO) and author of more than 200 full-length publications focusing mainly on oxidative stress, cardiovascular diseases, aging and natural antioxidants. Dr. Rezzani is author of books, book chapters and monographs about Systematic Anatomy, Microscopic Anatomy as well as about aging related diseases and antioxidants effects.

Rita Rezzani

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This book collects recent experimental and clinical studies on gender influence in carotid artery compliance in health and pathological states, discussing also the usefulness and appropriateness of specific and personal medical therapy. Additionally, it provides an overview of the growing importance of ongoing studies on the benefit and risk of gender-specific therapy.

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