Ali Ismet Kanlı

Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa

Prof. Dr. Ali Ismet Kanlı received his undergraduate degree in 1989 from Istanbul University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Geophysical Engineering. In 1994, he graduated from Istanbul University, Institute of Science with an MSc, and in 1998, he completed his doctorate at the same institute. He began his academic career in 1992 as a research assistant in Istanbul University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Geophysical Engineering, Division of Applied Geophysics. He became an assistant professor in 2001, an associate professor in 2010, and a full professor in 2016 for the same division. Dr. Kanli is the head of the Applied Geophysics Division of the Geophysical Engineering Department. He has carried out and directed many international and national projects and has several national and international scientific publications to his credit. He is an editorial board member of ten international journals and a reviewer for many international and national journals. He has also been a referee in many international and national projects. Dr. Ali is a member of three national and eight international scientific associations. His areas of scientific interest include applied and near-surface geophysics, engineering and environmental geophysics, engineering seismology, exploration seismology, structural geophysics, earthquake engineering, geotechnical geophysics, borehole geophysics and well logging, alternative energy, and geothermal exploration.

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The field of slope engineering encompasses slope stability analysis and design, movement monitoring, and slope safety management and maintenance. Engineers in this field are concerned with landslides and other gravity-stimulated mass movements. Their job is to frequently evaluate existing and proposed slopes to assess their stability. As such, this book provides information on remote sensing in landslide detection, tunnel face stability, stability analysis and maintenance of cut slopes, design techniques in rock and soil engineering, statistical models for landslide risk mapping, slope stability analysis in open-pit mines, ecological engineering for slope stabilization, and asphalt-stabilized strengthening in open-pit coal mining.

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