Ireneusz Miciuła

University of Szczecin

Ireneusz Miciuła is an assistant professor at the Institute of Economics and Finance, University of Szczecin, Poland. He is the author of more than 250 scientific publications in economics, finance, management, and information technology. Dr. Miciuła has participated in many international scientific conferences. He holds a scholarship from the Human Capital Operational Program and conducts research at the European University Institute, Italy. He is a visiting researcher at several universities in Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, Albania, Greece, and Portugal. He is a member of the Journal of Economics and Public Finance and a reviewer for the Polish-U.S. Fulbright Foundation. He is also a member of the Polish Finance and Banking Association and Polish Economic Society. Dr. Miciuła is an expert at the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and the Energy Regulatory Office and a scientific expert at the Foundation for Polish Science.

Ireneusz Miciuła

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Global Market and Trade provides knowledge, recommendations, and practical solutions to new challenges within the contemporary processes of globalization and international trade. It examines the issues of contemporary foundations of the global market and trade based on the development of information technology and new geopolitical and religious conditions. Chapters address such topics as ITC technology and the rules of financial flows, the cultural and religious conditions of world markets and trade, the impact of development inequality on policy in emerging economies, and much more.

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