Hülya Şenol

Eastern Mediterranean University

Dr. Hülya Şenol graduated from the Biology Department, Atatürk Education Faculty at Marmara University, Turkey in 1991. She has completed two master's degrees, one in the field of Educational Sciences, Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus, and one in Molecular Medicine, Near East University, Cyprus. Dr. Şenol holds a Ph.D. degree in Educational Administration, Management, Inspection, and Economy. She is a multidisciplinary researcher and has 30 years of teaching experience. From 1991 to 2011, she worked at many colleges in Turkey and in North Cyprus as an instructor, ISO 9001 committee member, and deputy principal. Dr. Şenol is a senior instructor in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Eastern Mediterranean University. She has earned many certificates about the education of trainers in Montessori education, educational sciences, and molecular medicine. Her current research interest areas are Educational Leadership, School Culture, Total Quality Management in Education, Service Quality in Education.

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There is a growing realization that the role of educational leaders has been undergoing many changes in the era of globalization due to the diverse needs and expectations of the stakeholders of education. Schools have different specific needs due to their demographical structure, the academic achievement level of students, the experience of teachers and parental involvement and they need educational leaders who can transform and develop schools. This book intends to provide the reader with a comprehensive overview of the expected responsibilities and features of school leaders in the context of the different models of educational leadership. Scholars from different countries share their opinions about the challenges faced by the school leaders as principals, teachers, students, school committees, and boards in schools; the importance of leader preparation and the need for the professional development of educational leaders.

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