Natalia Grigoryeva

St. Petersburg Federal Research Center of Russian Academy of Sciences, Scientific-Research Centre for Ecological Safety

Dr. Grigoryeva Natalia is currently a senior research fellow at Saint-Petersburg Scientific Research Centre for Ecological Safety of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia. She is also an official scientific consultant of the Department of Nanoelectronics and the Department of Software Engineering and Computer Applications at Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University. In the last six years, she was involved in studying cyanobacteria and developing fluorescence methods for their investigation. She developed an in vivo technique for investigating weak external actions on the physiological state of cyanobacteria. Dr. Grigoryeva recently elaborated on the base of a neural network algorithm an original method of ataxonomic classification of cyanobacteria using single-cell self-fluorescence spectra. Her research interests include both environmental and biotechnological aspects of cyanobacterial applications.

Natalia Grigoryeva

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Fluorescence methods play a leading role in the investigation of biological objects. They are the only non-destructive methods for investigating living cells and microorganisms in vivo. Using intrinsic and artificial fluorescence methods provides deep insight into mechanisms underlying physiological and biochemical processes. This book covers a wide range of modern methods involved in experimental biology. It illustrates the use of fluorescence microscopy and spectroscopy, confocal laser scanning microscopy, flow cytometry, delayed fluorescence, pulse-amplitude-modulation fluorometry, and fluorescent dye staining protocols. This book provides an overview of practical and theoretical aspects of fluorescence methods and their successful application in the investigation of static and dynamic processes in living cells and microorganisms.

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Fluorescence Methods for Investigation of Living Cells and Microorganisms IntechOpen
Fluorescence Methods for Investigation ... Edited by Natalia Grigoryeva

Fluorescence Methods for Investigation of Living Cells and Microorganisms

Edited by Natalia Grigoryeva