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Stelios Markoulis is an Associate Professor of Finance at the Cyprus Institute of Management and a member of the visiting teaching faculty at the University of Cyprus. He is also an Honorary Visiting Research Fellow at the City University Business School, London. He has also worked for several years in the financial services industry and in particular in the area of investment banking. His main research interests currently focus on bank distress and regulation, as well as the effects of exogenous shocks, such as terror attacks, on capital and foreign exchange markets. In the past he has also undertaken research regarding the determinants of stock returns and capital raising through the stock market. He has published over 20 papers in international peer-reviewed academic journals and has contributed chapters to several books.

Stelios Markoulis

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This book on financial crises is written at a time when the whole world is facing another crisis, a different one this time; one that is related to our health, as well as the economy in a painful manner. The first chapter of this book focuses on the economic effects of this crisis with particular emphasis on the financial sector. The remainder of the book presents a selection of readings related to the GFC. These touch upon issues such as corporate governance; the effect of the collapse of the Lehman Brothers on the net-worth of financial and non-financial firms; securitization and why the alchemy “did not work”; and finally, a case-study on Turkey and in particular the Turkish short-term interest rates and exchange rates and their relationship to political developments.

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