Sithandiwe Mazibuko-Mbeje

South African Medical Research CouncilSouth Africa

Dr Mazibuko-Mbeje completed her Ph.D. (Biochemistry) at the University of Zululand, Empangeni, South Africa in May 2014. Dr Mazibuko recently took sabbatical leave and completed Helmholtz postdoctoral fellowship programme at Institute for Diabetes and Obesity, Helmholtz-Zentrum München, Germany in the laboratory of Dr Martin Jastroch. Her research involves using cell lines and animal models to investigate the effects of natural compounds as they may offer new treatments for insulin resistance and diabetes. Recently, her research has expanded to include understanding of mitochondrial energy transduction, pharmacological intervention and restoration of dysfunctional properties. She has been successful in acquiring several funding including Thuthuka PhD track and Thuthuka Post PhD track. Dr Mazibuko-Mbeje currently works for South African Medical Research Council as a Senior Scientist under Prof Louw laboratory, recently she has been appointed by Stellenbosch University as an extra-ordinary lecturer part time.

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