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John Abbot has degrees in chemistry from Imperial College London, the university of British Columbia and McGill University.  He subsequently undertook research in kinetic phenomena involving industrial processes at Queens University, Canada and the University of Tasmania. He also holds degrees in law, finance and business administration. He carried out projects in environmental science as a Professorial Research fellow Central Queensland University from 2009 to 2015.  Major flooding events in Queensland in 2011, causing loss of life, extensive property damage and disruption of industry led to developing an interest in the application of neural networks to provide improved medium-term rainfall forecasts for Australia.   A series of publications demonstrate that skill of forecasts is significantly superior to official forecasts produced using general circulation models.

John Abbot

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This book describes aspects of rainfall including the extremes, distribution and properties. The introductory chapter focusses on drought and flooding rains over Australia, placing extreme rainfall events from recent decades into a historical context using reconstructions from proxy data. The next three chapters focus on distribution and impacts of rainfall. The first of these chapters presents a statistical analysis of rainfall patterns for Jeddah City and considers future impacts. The second examines rainfall in the context of impacts, vulnerability and climate change in eastern Africa. The third examines extreme rainfall and drought in the Asia-Pacific, through application of monitoring from space. The final chapters focus on properties of rain, one examining aerosol-cloud-precipitation interactions, while another considers the chemical nature of individual size-resolved raindrops.

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Recent Advances in Flood Risk Management

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