Reda Gharieb

Assiut University

Reda R. Gharieb PhD is a Professor of Biomedical and Bioelectronics Engineering at Assiut University, Egypt. He has worked for Fairway Medical Technologies Inc. and Seno Medical Instruments Inc., Texas, USA, on their photoacoustic imaging (PAI) technology. He has developed algorithms for 2D image reconstruction in PAI of breast and prostate cancers. He also developed an algorithm for 3D image reconstruction in PAI of a small animal, using a rotated ARC-shaped sensor array. Dr. Gharieb has collaborated with brilliant international professors, scholars and engineers from academic and industrial institutions. He authored two books, three chapters, two patents and about sixty papers. His research interests include signal/image processing, modeling and simulation, machine learning, statistical and scientific computing, neuroengineering, bioelectronics, bioinstrumentation and photoacoustic computed tomography.

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Photoacoustic imaging (PAI) is an emerging non-invasive imaging modality that integrates the advantages of deep ultrasound penetration and high optical contrast. It provides better resolution than pure ultrasonic imaging and deeper penetration than pure optical imaging. Hence, it is opening new frontiers in diagnostic imaging. Photoacoustic Imaging - Principles, Advances and Applications, provides interested readers with the principle knowledge, advanced methodologies, and new applications associated with PAI technology. Written by expert researchers, chapters cover such topics as the generation and detection of photoacoustic signals, sound source localization, image reconstruction and formation, and application of PAI in gastroenterology and ophthalmology.

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