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Dr. Gabriela Civeira is currently an adjunct Professor of agrosystems environmental impact at faculty of agronomy, Morón University, Buenos Aires and was previously an adjunct Professor of Ecology at the same university. Born in Buenos Aires,Argentina, Dr. Civeira was educated at Westminster School in Banfield, Argentina and graduated with a Bachelors degree in agronomy Engineering, earned a scholarship in order to pursue research and teaching abilities at the Faculty of Agronomy from the university of Buenos Aires. Following her university work from research activities Gabriela then attended University Graduate School, University of Buenos Aires gaining her Master in soil science degree before embarking on an academic career, which has both embraced teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students and research. During 2016 Dr. Civeira earned her Doctoral degree at the University of La Coruña, theme thesis was ecosystems services in urban environments and landscape planning.

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