Lucieta Guerreiro Martorano

Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation Brazil

I have developed activities as a leader of research projects in national and international spheres including project financing from sources such as the European Community through the FP7 Program, and from other agencies that focus on strengthening scientific partnerships between developed countries and those that are under- or moderately-developed. Also, through the Science Without Borders program of the National Council on Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) I have recently approved a project to bring a visiting scientist to Brazil. In a national context I have lead and am leading numerous projects funded by an assortment of funding agencies, and have participated in diverse projects including several that worked with traditional communities and indigenous groups. I am a member of several committees involved in providing orientation to research programs in the North and Southeast regions of Brazil, and have published, to date, 47 articles in national and international journals, 6 collaborations as author or co-author of books and book chapters, and about 80 papers and abstracts in national and international scientific conferences and meetings. I have advised and/or am advising Masters students, and have been a co-advisor of Master´s and Doctorate students as well as supervising post-doctorate researchers and scientific initiation students at the undergraduate level. Additionally, I have recently approved an interuniversity exchange doctorate project for a Brazilian doctoral student to do part of his doctorate in the United States. I have participated in Master´s and Doctorate defenses as a member of evaluation committees, and also as a member of selection commissions responsible for evaluation of candidates in civil service examinations for professors and researchers. I also serve as a reviewer for several national and international peer-reviewed journals, and actively participate in diverse activities such as giving classes, lectures, workshops, invited talks, and disseminating research results during visits to the field. With respect to international experience I received international training for four months in France that had as objective to learn new methods of conducting research, and also have presented research results internationally. In terms of administrative duties, I have participated twice on the deliberative council on public service that meet every two years, and have acted as a member of organization committees for national and international scientific events. Finally, I have been an active ad hoc reviewer of research project proposals for diverse funding entities and institutions

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