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Education: Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry, University of Toledo, Toledo, OH, USA Current Position: Senior Research Scientist, Chemical Research and Development, Cambrex High Point, Inc., High Point, NC, USA. At Cambrex, Dr. Gaitonde design, develop and optimize chemical processes for multi-kilo scale cGMP and nGMP production campaigns to support clinical trials and Phase I to Phase III manufacturing. Prior to joining Cambrex, Dr. Gaitonde worked at GlaxoSmithKline - Antiviral Medicinal Chemistry, on the development and optimization of a lead molecule targeted towards broad-spectrum viral respiratory disease. Dr. Gaitonde’s Ph.D. research was focused on understanding tuberculosis disease condition and the development of carbohydrate-based molecules as biochemical tools to probe the Mtb GlgE mechanistic aspect. Additionally, his Ph.D. research involved the development of a low molecular weight novel amorphous polyester material based on sustainable chemistry.

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The process of drug discovery and development is a complex multistage logistics project spanned over 10-15 years with an average budget exceeding 1 billion USD. Starting with target identification and synthesizing anywhere between 10k to 15k synthetic compounds to potentially obtain the final drug that reaches the market involves a complicated maze with multiple inter- and intra-operative fields. Topics described in this book emphasize the progresses in computational applications, pharmacokinetics advances, and molecular modeling developments. In addition the book also contains special topics describing target deorphaning in Mycobacterium tuberculosis, therapy treatment of some rare diseases, and developments in the pediatric drug discovery process.

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