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Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Ecology Germany

Gesche Krause holds a degree in Coastal Geography from the University of Kiel (Germany) and a Ph.D. in Natural Resource Management from Stockholm University (Sweden), focusing on integrated coastal zone management issues. Holding a European Scholarship, she worked at the Hydraulic Research Ltd. , Wallingford (U.K. ) in 1992/93. Applications of coastal zone management strategies were her main focus during a seven-month internship in the Coastal Resources Center (CRC) at the University of Rhode Island (USA) in 1996/1997. She later worked as freelance consultant at BioConsult, Bremen (Germany) where she was involved in the environmental impact assessment for the Europipe II (STATOIL) construction through the Wadden Sea area in Germany. Since 1997 Krause has held the position of research scientist at the Leibniz-Center for Tropical Marine Ecology (ZMT) in Bremen, where she is primarily involved in research projects in North Brazil and Indonesia. Additionally, in 2006, she worked as a consultant for the EU during which she evaluated all National Integrated Coastal Zone Management Strategies of the EU Member States. She has published a number of papers and book chapters on coastal zone management issues, coastal dynamics, and social dimensions of multifunctional use of offshore areas.

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