Ramalingam Radhakrishnan

Jamal Mohamed College, Affiliated to Bharathidasan University

Dr. Ramalingam Radhakrishnan was born in India. He received several research awards and fellowships during doctoral and post-doctoral programs and made a significant contribution to the application of magnetic fields to the improvement of crop plants. His research was honored by the Chinese Academy of Science, which provided him financial support to present his findings at an international conference held in China. Professionally, he was employed as a post-doctoral researcher, research professor, and assistant professor at South Korean universities and research institutes. His major research finding is the utilization of microbes or elicitors to improve crops under environmental stress conditions and biological weed control. He has published several research and review papers as the main author in reputed journals, books, and conferences.

Ramalingam Radhakrishnan

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Microbes are essential components of the ecosystem. Mycorrhizal fungi in the rhizosphere support or inhibit plant growth naturally. Plant growth-promoting fungi help to improve crop yield and crop sustainability in adverse environmental conditions including soil salinity, drought, high and low temperatures, and infections from pathogens and pests. Mycorrhizal fungi secrete plant growth-promoting substances, enzymes, and other metabolites, all of which play a vital role in enhancing the productivity of economically important plants. These fungi also reduce the need to use chemicals in agriculture, which helps to minimize soil pollutants. This book provides updated information on the production and utilization of mycorrhizal fungi for sustainable agriculture and forestry.

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