Katarina Teplicka

Technical University of KošiceSlovakia

I work as an associate professor. I deal in accounting (with a focus on financial, managerial, tax, environmental, cost accounting), the field of business administration - particularly the field of tools operational analysis of enterprise inventory optimization, maintenance and renewal of economic statistics, quality management systems and environmental management systems. Today, I focus on the subject of management accounting, auditing and taxation, economic statistics, economic analysis methods, management skills, which also guarantees the programs of Management of earth resources. I completed certification studies in Bratislava and was certified accountant assistant and balance sheet accountant. I regularly attend training in accounting practice. Own certified tax specialist, payroll specialist. In addition to accounting I also deal with issues of quality management systems and environmental management systems. In this area, I own a quality management certificate, an internal auditor certificate of QMS, EMS internal auditor certificate. At the faculty, I was acting as a Quality Manager, currently acting as an Internal Auditor for the Quality Management System. As part of the pedagogical process, I have so far conducted around 200 diploma and bachelor theses. I engage in scientific research and collaborate on scientific projects. In connection with my professional focus and work on scientific research projects to publish in professional and scientific national and foreign magazines. I participate in scientific conferences where I present the results of my research activities. At the same time I am a PhD student in the field of Economics of Land Resources. I am a member of the Slovak Chamber of Certified Accountants, a member of the Slovak Society for Quality, a member of the Slovak Association of Management, a member of the organization BPUG, a member of the Council for Quality Faculty BERG, a member of the joint union committee for doctoral studies, a member of the committee for the defense of doctoral dissertations, a member of the Commission for state exams In engineering and bachelor studies in the study program Earth Resources Management.

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