Jolanta Iwin-Garzyńska

University of Szczecin Poland

Prof. Assoc. Jolanta Iwin-Garzyńska—is the head of the Department of Corporate Finance and Taxation at the Institute of Accounting at the Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Szczecin. She is the author of over 150 books in the field of corporate finance and taxation. Her research deals with the problem of the impact of taxes on the finances of enterprises (potential of capital, capital structure, cost of capital, the profitability of investment, the value of assets, etc.). She is a tax adviser (No. entry 10261). She is a practitioner in the field of finance and taxation in commercial companies. In 2007–2010, she became the president of the National Examination Commission for Tax Consulting at the Ministry of Finance. In 2014, she became a member of the Commission.

Jolanta Iwin-Garzyńska

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Taxes are a constant part of life for every company and a constant element of economics, finance, and financial law. Any changes observed in the science and theory also apply to the importance and position of taxes in the practice of corporate finance, public finance, and economic growth. Beside this, a new meaning of taxes in the economies of countries in the world and the European Union is introduced. Taxes will always introduce risks and uncertainties in business, due to the high volatility and uncertainty of tax law. Moreover, being a category that affects the economic growth, they cause disturbances in stability and welfare of the state. Therefore, while considering the essence of taxes in a country, one should not consider this category in isolation from corporate finance and social welfare. Two things are certain in the world: death and taxes.

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