Keyu Xia

Nanjing University

Keyu Xia was awarded his doctoral degree of “Optics” by the Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2007. He has been a full professor at Nanjing University since 2017. His research interest includes quantum optics and quantum information, in particular, chiral quantum optics. He has published more than 40 peer-reviewed publications. His academic achievements include: (I) proposing the first quantum-state-controlled photon isolator and circulator; (II) proposing a chiral cross-Kerr nonlinear medium to bypass the dynamical reciprocity in nonlinear isolation; (III) experimentally demonstrating the chiral susceptibility-momentum locking as a principle for optical nonreciprocity. Due to his significant contributions to quantum optics and quantum information technology, he was awarded the senior member designation of OSA in 2020.

Keyu Xia

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This short book aims to present basic information about single photons in a quick read but with not many details. For this purpose, it only introduces the basic concept of single photons, the most important method of generating single photons in experiments, and a specific emerging field.

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Single Photon Manipulation IntechOpen
Single Photon Manipulation Edited by Keyu Xia

Single Photon Manipulation

Edited by Keyu Xia