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Luigi Gianturco, MD, MSc, obtained his MD cum laude in Medicine and Surgery with a specialty in Cardiology from Sapienza University of Rome in July 2003 and November 2007, respectively. He also obtained an MSc in Clinical Echocardiography from the University of Milan in 2009. Currently, Dr. Gianturco works in the Cardio Rehab Unit of Passirana-Rho Hospital. Previously, he was Vice-Chief of the Cardiology Unit at Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute, Milan, and Assistant Manager of inside clinical risk management and overall health direction unit. He has made several oral presentations at national and international conventions and published works in national and international journals. He has also served as an investigator in some important national and international studies. He has been a member of the Italian Soccer Referees\' Medical Committee since 2013. Dr. Gianturco has a great passion for reading and writing, and runs a personal blog at

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With high morbidity and mortality rates, atherosclerosis (ATS) is a major concern worldwide. This book provides comprehensive information on ATS, including chapters on cardiovascular disease and obstructive sleep apnea, rheumatology and cardiovascular risk, and the differences of ATS among men and women. Let’s hope for the best and thank you to all my team for collaborating in this book production. In particular, thanks • to Bruno (my expert colleague) and Aurel (my secretary) for analyzing and reading with me all the texts • to Vincenzo, Stefano and Andrea for English evaluation • and finally to Rebecca (my future wife) for sustaining me in all professional activities giving me power in daily life!

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