Abhishek Ojha

University of Rajasthan India

Dr Abhishek Ojha is a graduate of Rabindra Nath Tagore Medical College in India. With a successful academic career which includes the highest division in medical college subjects, academic position in top 0.1% students in the country and Gold and Silver medals, Dr Ojha has more than 100 publications and presentations. Dr Ojha completed his sub-internship at Harvard Medical School, Boston and Yale School of Medicine, Connecticut. He has since been involved in active clinical research which encompasses cardiac physiology, medical pharmacology, quality improvement projects in NSTE ACS patients and projects to study and improve the current educational infrastructure in cardiology fellowships. Dr Ojha has extensively studied the epidemiological medical issues in various communities in varied age groups and their impact on dispensing quality care. Dr Ojha is passionate about teaching and contributing to the ever-fascinating field of Cardiology.

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