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Dr. Steven H. Voldman is the first IEEE Fellow in the field of electrostatic discharge (ESD) for 'Contributions in ESD protection in CMOS, Silicon On Insulator and Silicon Germanium Technology.” He received his B.S. in Engineering Science from University of Buffalo (1979); a first M.S. EE (1981) from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); a second degree EE Degree (Engineer Degree) from MIT; a MS Engineering Physics (1986) and a Ph.D in electrical engineering (EE) (1991) from University of Vermont under IBM's Resident Study Fellow program. Voldman was a member of the semiconductor development of IBM, and consultant for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (TSMC), and Samsung Electronics Corporation. In 2018, he was a International Visiting Scholar in Khon Kaen University (KKU) in Thailand. He is a recipient of 262 issued US patents and has written over 150+ technical papers in the area of ESD, EOS, and CMOS latchup in journals and conference proceedings. Dr. Voldman is an author of ten book series on ESD, EOS and latchup, and a new text titled From Invention and Patent as well as a co-authored text on Radiation effects on semiconductors. He is an author of many book chapters on semiconductor technology.

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As we enter the nanoelectronics era, electrostatic discharge (ESD) phenomena is an important issue for everything from micro-electronics to nanostructures. This book provides insight into the operation and design of micro-gaps and nanogenerators with chapters on low capacitance ESD design in advanced technologies, electrical breakdown in micro-gaps, nanogenerators from ESD, and theoretical prediction and optimization of triboelectric nanogenerators. The information contained herein will prove useful for for engineers and scientists that have an interest in ESD physics and design.

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