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Hefei University of Technology

Dr. Ning Wang, is an associate professor in the Section of Pharmaceutics of Hefei University of Technology, China. She obtained her PhD degree in 2014 from Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, major in Pharmaceutics. Dr. Wang focused her research on mucosal vaccination, vaccine adjuvant-delivery systems (VADS), and drug delivery system (DDS) using various nanoparticulate carriers, including liposomes, phospholipid bilayer-coated alum nano-particles (PLAN), lipid cochleates, to resolve certain crucial barreris to vaccination, vaccine delivery and drug delivery. Dr. Wang has resided 4 scientific research projects funded by NSFC, provincial governments, and her institutes, she has published more than 20 papers in international professional journals, and has been granted 2 patents on vaccine and drug delivery systems.

Ning Wang

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Immunization plays a key role in maintaining human health and each year, saves millions of lives from lethal pathogens and other fatal diseases in the most economical way, thanks to the advanced development of model vaccines. Subunit vaccines are regarded as a safer product than the whole microbe based-conventional vaccines and can be entrapped in various nanocarriers to form a vaccine adjuvant-delivery system (VADS) able to further boost their immunostimulatory activity. In this book, six groups of authors introduce immunization advances in VADSs designed for infection prophylaxis and cancer immunotherapy, problems and their resolution in both human and poultry immunization, and also, the mathematical model for assay of the basic immunization problem (BIP) understood from a finance point of view.

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