Ting Wang

Anhui Medical University

Dr. Ting Wang is a professor and director in the Section of Pharmaceutics of Anhui Medical University, China. He obtained his PhD degree in 2007 from Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, major in Pharmaceutics. His research interests involve subunit vaccine adjuvant-delivery systems (VADS) and targeting drug delivery system (TDDS) using lipidic carriers including liposomes, anhydrous reverse micelles (ARM) and phospholipid bilayer-coated alum nano-particles (PLAN), lipid-inorganic nanoparticle hybrid nano-carriers, to resolve challenging problems confronted in the fields of vaccination, vaccine antigen delivery and drug delivery. He has resided 8 scientific research projects funded by NSFC and provincial governments, published more than 40 papers in high profile journals, and has been granted 4 patents on vaccine and drug delivery techniques.

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