Marcelo González

University of Concepción

Marcelo González is biochemist and Doctor in Physiology interested in the mechanisms of vascular regulation in health and diseases associated with hyperglycemia and oxidative stress. From 2004 to date, Dr. González has described the effects of insulin in placental vasculature, mainly related with the physiological capacity of placental vessels to release nitric oxide and regulate vascular resistance and feto-placental circulation. The mechanism associated to insulin’s regulation involves arginine transporters, potassium channels and antioxidant activity in endothelial cells, giving new insights about alternatives for treatment of cardiovascular and cardiometabolic diseases. Dr. González has published research articles and reviews in specialized journals, book chapters and abstracts in proceedings of scientific meetings. He is a full member of Chilean Societies of Physiology and Pharmacology and founder of Group of Research and Innovation of Vascular Health (GRIVAS).