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Dalian University of Technology

Dr. Xufeng Dong is working with Materials Science as a full-time teaching-research staff. He received his B.E., M.E. and Ph.D. degrees from Harbin Institute of Technology, China, in 2003, 2005 and 2009 respectively. He was with the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Dalian University of Technology as a post-doctoral fellow from 2009 to 2010. He has been with the School of Materials Science and Engineering as a Lecture (2011-2012), and Associate Professor still ongoing (2013-). Dr. Dong’s research interests mainly focus on smart materials, including magnetorheological materials and electrorheological materials, and he has published more than 60 technical articles in peer-reviewed journals and conferences.

Xufeng Dong

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During the past 100 years, a large number of new materials have been developed, which provide us with various tools, wares, clothes, etc. with good properties but low weight and low cost. Recently, smart soft materials that can respond to an external stimulus (such as an electric field, magnetic field, sound, light, temperature, pH, and so on) as well as functional soft materials that are electronically, magnetically, or thermally conductive have attracted considerable attention. They have application potentials in various fields. To some extent, they are the way to fulfill most of the "black technology" described in the world of science fiction. This book introduces several smart soft materials and functional soft materials, which are of interest to scholars in related fields.

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