Marwa El-Azazy

College of Arts and Sciences, Qatar University

Dr. Marwa Elazazy has graduated from Zagazig University – Egypt with BSc degree “Excellent with Honor” in 2000. In 2004, Dr. Marwa completed her MSc in the Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry, Zagazig, Egypt. The thesis subject was “Spectroscopic and Electrochemical Determination of Some Pharmaceutically Relevant Compounds”. In 2005, Dr. Marwa was granted a scholarship from the Egyptian Government to complete her PhD in Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) – USA, through a joint supervision program. The project investigated Point-of-Care testing of drugs and bio-analytes using microfluidic platforms. In 2016, Dr. Marwa was appointed as an assistant professor of Analytical Chemistry, Qatar University. Dr. Marwa has ˃20 refereed papers in prestigious international journals, in addition to ˃20 presentations in national and international conferences. Dr. Marwa main research interest is analytical chemistry with a focus on electrochemical and spectroscopic techniques.

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