Hakan Tozan

Naval Academy Turkey

Hakan TOZAN (PhD) is currently Associate Professor and Head of Department of Industrial Engineering at Turkish Naval Academy. He obtained his PhD from Marmara University, Turkey. His research interests include operations research, fuzzy logic, decision support systems, supply chain optimization and production planning and control.

Hakan Tozan

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In today's rapidly changing business environment, strong influence of globalization and information technologies drives practitioners and researchers of modern supply chain management, who are interested in applying different contemporary management paradigms and approaches, to supply chain process. This book intends to provide a guide to researchers, graduate students and practitioners by incorporating every aspect of management paradigms into overall supply chain functions such as procurement, warehousing, manufacturing, transportation and disposal. More specifically, this book aims to present recent approaches and ideas including experiences and applications in the field of supply chains, which may give a reference point and useful information for new research and to those allied, affiliated with and peripheral to the field of supply chains and its management.

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