Bülent Topcuoğlu

Akdeniz University Turkey

Bülent TOPCUOĞLU was born in Turkey, 1966; he obtained his PhD degree in 1993 at the Ankara University, Turkey in Soil Science and Plant Nutrition department. He is currently working as a Professor on Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, Soil Pollution and Environmental Sciences topics, at the Akdeniz University Vocational school of Technical Sciences, Antalya TURKEY. Author has published over hundred research publications. Prof. Topcuoğlu is a scientific member of many organizations and chaired of many conferences in Istanbul and Antalya, TURKEY.

Bülent Topcuoğlu

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Peatlands are formed in limited areas and have significant effects on our planet. As a result of their use peatlands are continually shrinking on a daily basis. This edited book, Peat, is intended to provide an overview of different perspectives of peat material in relevant disciplines. We hope that this book will contribute to the expectations and needs of all relevant disciplines that share their findings for future research.

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