Michael Aide

Southeast Missouri State University

Dr. Michael Aide received his Ph.D. in soil chemistry from Mississippi State University, US (1982) and a baccalaureate degree in chemistry and mathematics from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He has been an educator and agronomic researcher at Southeast Missouri State University since 1982. His research interests involve the growth and development of rice in integrated systems involving soil fertility, water management, and integrated pest management. Rice research has permitted his travel to southeastern Asia, Central America and Egypt. Dr. Aide has also investigated the usage of rare earth elements in soils, particularly attempting to utilize them to indicate parent material uniformity and their fate/transport. Professional affiliations include the American Society of Agronomy and the Soil Science Society of America, and he is a certified professional soil scientist.

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This book describes the recent evolution of rare earth elements and their mineralogy, both natural and synthetic analogues. Authors review and document rare earth element chemistry in the aqueous environment and the petrology of the rare earth element-bearing mineral Allanite. Synthetic rare earth minerals and their applications is a rapidly evolving discipline important to medicine, advanced digital technologies, and solid-state physics. Authors report on the synthesis of a macrocyclic gadolinium complex and also gadolinium complexes and their applications in medicine. Authors present compelling advances in gadolinium isotopes and oxides as substrates for induced excitation and luminescent material sciences.

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