Nilgun Ulutasdemir

Gümüşhane University Turkey

Nilgun Ulutasdemir graduated with a BS degree from Hacettepe University in 1997, an MS degree from Ankara University in 2004, and a PhD degree at the Fırat University Faculty of Medicine Department of Public Health in 2012. She became an assistant professor in 2012. She has been working at the Gümüşhane University Faculty of Health Sciences since 2019. She has been assigned to the scientific committees of several national and international conferences. She has published numerous books and articles in several countries in the index. Her current research interests include public health, occupational health and safety, health management, work stress, anxiety, first aid, elderly health, disabilities and cure, school health, and infectious diseases.

Nilgun Ulutasdemir

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This book covers topics from nursing history and philosophy, communication and ethics in nursing, nursingand culture. Thus, it can be used as a guide by student nurses and working nurses to recognize the nursing profession and to keep up with current developments. In this book, you will find all aspects of nursing profession.

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