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Ankara University Turkey

Türkmen Göksel holds a PhD degree in Economics (2009) from the University of Minnesota, USA. He received both his BSc and MSc degrees in Economics from Ankara University in 2002 and 2004, respectively. In 2013, he became an associate professor of economics. Currently, he is employed at the Department of Economics, Ankara University, Turkey. His main research interests are macroeconomics, international economics, mathematical modeling, programming languages, and electoral systems. He has published many papers in local and international peer-reviewed journals in these fields, and has also published books about electoral systems and applications of MATLAB in social sciences. In addition to Ankara University, he has taught courses at the University of Minnesota, USA, and Boğaziçi University, Turkey.

Türkmen Göksel

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Since data grows faster than ever, the role of statistics becomes more and more crucial nowadays, and there is no doubt that statistics will be even more critical in the future. The application of statistics is extensive, and in our daily lives there is almost no human activity where the use of statistics is not needed. In this limited volume, we try to cover as many as different and multidisciplinary fields in statistics as possible and aim to present recent developments and applications of statistical analysis. Therefore, this book is organized into three sections: "The Role of Statistics on Quantification," "Applications of Statistics on Economics and Development," and "Applications of Statistics on Various Topics."

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