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Fabrice Teletchea is an associate professor at the Université of Lorraine (France). He received a master’s degree from the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, France, and a PhD in Systematics from the Université of Lyon in 2005, after which he studied fish domestication in aquaculture. Dr. Teletchea developed a comparative framework of the reproductive strategies of European freshwater fish species based on a new database called STOREFISH, in order to better understand the different trade-offs observed at the early life stages of fish and to help domesticate fish more efficiently. In parallel, he teaches ecology, fish biology, animal domestication, and managed a diploma entitled “Inland Aquaculture and Aquariology” at the IUT Nancy-Brabois.

Fabrice Teletchea

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Domestication, which is by definition a long ongoing process, was one of the most significant cultural and evolutionary transitions of human history, as well as a fundamental change in the evolution of the biosphere. Nevertheless, despite a vivid interest from numerous scholars, both the terms "domestication" and "domestic animal" remain confusing, and several animal groups are still poorly studied. This book contains contributions from diverse researchers and includes seven chapters, three on land animals and four on aquatic animals. The goal of this book is to stimulate fruitful exchanges to help better define the concepts of domestication and domesticated animals, and on a more applied view, help develop a more sustainable production, with animals more efficient and resilient to global change.

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