Mattia Bartoli

Polytechnic of Turin

In 2007 I started my career as laboratory technician at \'Laboratorio di studi ambientali\' (Pistoia, IT). In 2013 I received a MsC in Chemical Science with honors at University of Florence. In 2017 I received a PhD Chemical Science from University of Florence. My activities had focused on two main fields: i) Microwave assisted pyrolysis, ii) Heterogeneous catalysis based on bio-nanostructured materials. During 2017-2018 i was employed as Postdoc research fellow at University of Alberta. I worked on the pyrolysis of wasted fats, on the incorporation of biosolids in the LTH technology and in the catalytic conversion of its side products. Actually i am employed as research assistant at Polytechnic University of Turin where i am working on biochar and composite materials.

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