Mattia Bartoli

Polytechnic of Turin

Dr. Mattia Bartoli began his academic career in the Industrial Chemistry Group at the University of Florence, a multidisciplinary team focused on innovative investigation methods and technological solutions for sustainable waste management and catalyst development. He spent part of his doctoral program as a visiting student at the Institute for Chemicals and Fuels from Alternative Resources, developing innovative analytic protocols and biomass conversion procedures. Immediately after obtaining his PhD, Dr. Bartoli moved to the Biorefinery Research Group hosted by the University of Alberta where he developed new materials and technologies. In 2018, he joined the Carbon Group hosted by the Polytechnic University of Turin where he has studied both the production and use of carbon from thermochemical conversion of wastestreams for material science applications.

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Carbon-Based Material for Environmental Protection and Remediation presents an overview of carbon-based technologies and processes, and examines their usefulness and efficiency for environmental preservation and remediation. Chapters cover topics ranging from pollutants removal to new processes in materials science. Written for interested readers with strong scientific and technological backgrounds, this book will appeal to scientific advisors at private companies, academics, and graduate students.

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