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Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia

Dr. Mattia Bartoli’s research output includes 82 published peer-reviewed papers in top journals. During his time at the Biorefinery Research Group hosted by the University of Alberta, which develops new materials and new technologies, he worked closely with ForgeHydrocarbon a spin-off company focusing on innovative lipid-to-hydrocarbon technology for renewable hydrocarbon production. In 2018, he joined the Carbon Group, hosted by the Polytechnic of Turin, Italy, where he studied the production and use of carbon from the thermochemical conversion of waste streams for materials science applications. He is particularly interested in advanced materials such as carbon nanodots and bismuth-based materials for biological and electrochemical applications. Since 2021, Dr. Bartoli has been working on CO2 electrochemical and thermochemical conversion at the Center for Sustainable Future Technologies - CSFT@POLITO.

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Biochar is the carbonaceous residue produced from the pyrolytic conversion of biomass. It is generally used for agricultural applications as a soil amendment but has far wider potential. This book presents the use of biochar as a platform for the development of new intriguing solutions in several cutting-edge fields. The book is a useful reference volume for any reader with a strong scientific and technological background, ranging from scientific advisors in private companies to academic researchers promoting the spread of knowledge about biochar to anyone not already working with it.

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