Rosa Estela Quiroz Castañeda

Dr. Rosa Estela Quiroz-Castañeda graduated from the Sciences Faculty of Autonomous University of Morelos in 2003. She received her MS degree in Biochemical Sciences from the National Autonomous University of México (UNAM) in 2005 and PhD degree from the same University in 2011. Currently, she is a full researcher at the National Center for Disciplinary Research in Veterinary Parasitology (CENID-PAVET)-INIFAP in Morelos, México. She has experience in microbial biotechnology, molecular biology, and recently, diagnosis and characterization of pathogens and bacterial genomics, especially those of pathogens of veterinary interest such as Anaplasma marginale and Candidatus Mycoplasma haemobos. Her research is focused on livestock genomics as a useful tool to identify potential molecules of Rickettsial pathogens and hemoplasmas that have potential as immunogens.

Rosa Estela Quiroz Castañeda

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The scope of this book is to present the most recent trends based on omic analyses of microorganisms causing diseases in farm animals and how these approaches result in new strategies of treatment. The topics in this book include fasciolosis, avian coccidiosis, bovine anaplasmosis, tick-borne diseases, and babesiosis, among others. This book presents the recent advances in the omic field with an emphasis on how these analyses have led researchers to know the mechanisms that pathogens use to invade and colonize the host cell of farm animals. In this way, new treatments of control and prevention can be employed.

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