Katarina Holla

University of Žilina Slovakia

Dr. Katarina Holla gained her PhD. with the thesis Risk Assessment of Industrial Process at Faculty of Security Engineering, University of Zilina in Zilina. Since 2014 she has been appointed Vice – dean for International Relations and Marketing on Faculty of Security Engineering. Her research is mainly focused on the area of Major Industrial Accidents Prevention (Risk Assessment and Treatment) and Crisis Management cycle phases where she has already implemented semi – quantitative and quantitative methods for risks assessment developed within R&D projects. This Complex model for risk assessment is now being used by several companies in Slovak Republic by creation of documentation on safety. She has published more than 82 research papers and 7 books in Slovak and English language. She has delivered special invite presentation on Northumbria University in Newcastle, University of Cardiff and University of Economics in Prague. She obtained specialized skills in the area of Major Industrial Accidents Prevention (Seveso III directive - specialist), Transport of Dangerous Goods (safety advisor) and Health and Safety at Work issues (safety advisor for companies). She has participated in 7FP projects (e.g.COBACORE) and attended several scientific conferences (in Tokyo, USA, Korea and other EU member states).

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Crisis management is an interdisciplinary subject field represented by theoretical problems, practical activity, people management and the art of crisis situation solving. Overall, the studies that this publication contains are to provide an overview of the state of the art mainly focused on crisis management cycle represented by certain phases and steps. Topics include also lessons learned from natural and man-made disasters, crisis communication, information systems in crisis management, civil protection and economics in crisis management. We hope that chapters of this book will provide useful information within crisis management issue for a wide audience.

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