Igor Peshko

Wilfrid Laurier University Canada

Professor Igor Peshko is currently with Wilfrid Laurier University, Department of Physics and Computer Science, Waterloo, Canada. During his career he worked in Universities, National Labs, Government Agencies, and private companies in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Canada, and USA. His priorities were in lasers physics, applied optics, and sensor areas. He is currently working on general concepts, hardware, and data processing algorithms of multifunctional scientific instruments. Among them: 1) instruments for extra-terrestrial research; 2) chemical identifiers; 3) field-labs for environmental contamination monitoring and for exploration of oil and gas sites; 4) medical devices for pathologies identification; and 5) mobile and stationary sensory robotic terminals for operating within security networks at high-risk zones. He has authored and co-authored more than 120 publications.

Igor Peshko

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This book discusses aspects of laser pulses generation, characterization, and practical applications. Some new achievements in theory, experiments, and design are demonstrated. The introductive chapter shortly overviews the physical principles of pulsed lasers operation with pulse durations from seconds to yoctoseconds. A theory of mode-locking, based on the optical noise concept, is discussed. With this approximation, all paradoxes of ultrashort laser pulse formation have been explained. The book includes examples of very delicate laser operation in biomedical areas and extremely high power systems used for material processing and water purification. We hope this book will be useful for engineers and managers, for professors and students, and for those who are interested in laser science and technologies.

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