Angelo Paone

Pusan National University

Dr. Angelo Paone has graduated with a thesis in geology and geochemistry of the volcanic rocks of Pantelleria at Università degli Studi di Napoli 'Federico II”. Dr. Paone received a grant to visit the USGS in Reston, Dr. Paone got his PhD from the University of Naples, Italy, and during such time, he produced a full database for the volcanic rocks of Campania region. He obtained a Marie Curie Fellowship at University of Bristol, England. Dr. Paone went for a post doc in Volcanology and petrology at University of Naples. He also used an exchange grant with the University of Bergen, Norway. he has also obteined the position of Research Professor at Pusan National University in Busan, Republic of Korea. In the same time, he is also a teacher of Science at the Liceo Scientifico Ettore Majorana in Pozzuoli, Naples.

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The chapters presented in this International Volcanological Special Issue consider the characteristic features of a single volcano and/or a number of volcanoes worldwide (Jos and Biu Plateau volcanic provinces, Nigeria; Kachchh Rift Zone, Gujarat, India; Guamsan Caldera, Cheongsong, Korea; Somma-Vesuvius volcano, Napoli, Italy) in terms of future volcanic activity. The technical methods used are wide, innovative, as well as classic and reflect the knowledge presented in each chapter. The last chapter, however, deals with a new conceptual and methodological approach for the evaluation of volcanic risk. All these volcanoes (except Somma-Vesuvius volcano) are poorly studied so they deserve more attention, which is the goal of this volcanological book. Further studies are welcome to deepen the knowledge of each of the volcanoes presented.

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