César Fonseca

University of Évora Portugal

César João Vicente da Fonseca has received his master’s degree in Health Communication at the Universidade Aberta and PhD degree in Nursing at the University of Lisbon. He is currently a professor in the Universidade de Évora. He develops the following thematic areas: evidence-based practice; clinical decision-making; clinical guidelines; care needs assessment, control, and eradication of pain; reflection of clinical practices; organizational management of social equipment intended for older people; and health indicators of long-term care organizations. He has played roles in coordination and control team of the research and development unit of nursing schools of Lisbon, being responsible for several epidemiological research programs in the field of public health. He is responsible for international publication of several papers and the achievement of several scientific meetings in the areas described above, with international impact. He is part of the Portuguese Health Systems Observatory. Some of the papers that have been published feature great international impact factor and international relevance. There are 150 citations of the article published in international terms.

César Fonseca

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The book Worldwide Wound Healing - Innovation in Natural and Conventional Methods develops a set of themes on the healing and treatment of complex wounds through evidence-based practice with innovations in the use of natural and conventional methods. It is an innovative way that promotes the integration of conventional and natural perspectives in wound healing, with a unique focus on the quality of life of the patient.

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