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Kent State University

Dr. Jean Engohang-Ndong was born and raised in Gabon. After obtaining his Associate Degree of Science at the University of Science and Technology of Masuku, Gabon, he continued his education in France where he obtained his BS, MS, and Ph.D. in Medical Microbiology. He worked as a post-doctoral fellow at the Public Health Research Institute (PHRI), Newark, NJ for four years before accepting a three-year faculty position at Brigham Young University-Hawaii. Dr. Engohang-Ndong is a tenured faculty member with the academic rank of Full Professor at Kent State University, Ohio, where he teaches a wide range of biological science courses and pursues his research in medical and environmental microbiology. Recently, he expanded his research interest to epidemiology and biostatistics of chronic diseases in Gabon.

Jean Engohang-Ndong

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The chikungunya virus (CHIKV) is an RNA virus that is transmitted to humans by Aedes mosquitos commonly found in tropical and subtropical countries. In humans, CHIKV causes an infection with symptoms strikingly like those of the dengue virus and Zika disease, both of which are also transmitted to humans by the same genus of mosquitos. This book delves into the history of the disease and the molecular characterization of the virus. It sheds light on modern diagnosis tools that allow unambiguous identification of CHIKV infection. In addition, this book addresses the epidemiology of chikungunya fever, the distribution and spread of the disease, and the promising approaches under consideration for preventing and treating the disease.

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