Igor Shishkovsky

Institute of Physics. PN Lebedev, the Russian Academy of Sciences Russia

Prof. Igor Shishkovsky currently works as a leading researcher of Laboratory of Technological Lasers at P. N. Lebedev Physics Institute (Samara branch) from 1982 and has managed a research group on various aspects of powdered compositions. He has performed excellent research projects in Meso and Nano Structures, Direct Metal Deposition, and Metal-polymer and bimetal powdered compositions. His findings have been published in various peer-reviewed journals and proceedings. Publication list - http://www.fian.smr.ru/rp/pub-e.html

Igor Shishkovsky

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Freedoms in material choice based on combinatorial design, different directions of process optimization, and computational tools are a significant advantage of additive manufacturing technology. The combination of additive and information technologies enables rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing models on the design stage, thereby significantly accelerating the design cycle in mechanical engineering. Modern and high-demand powder bed fusion and directed energy deposition methods allow obtaining functional complex shapes and functionally graded structures. Until now, the experimental parametric analysis remains as the main method during AM optimization. Therefore, an additional goal of this book is to introduce readers to new modeling and material's optimization approaches in the rapidly changing world of additive manufacturing of high-performance metals and alloys.

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