Sergey Sedykh

Novosibirsk State University Russia

Sergey Sedykh, Ph.D., graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Novosibirsk State University, in 2008. He defended his Ph.D. thesis in Biochemistry in 2012 at SB RAS Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine (Novosibirsk). He is a researcher at the Laboratory of Repair and Defense Systems of Novosibirsk State University, a researcher at Laboratory of Repair Enzymes of SB RAS Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine, and a leading specialist of educational projects and programs at Technopark of Novosibirsk Academgorodok. During 2013–2020, Dr. Sedykh managed projects supported by the Russian Science Foundation, Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research, President Council on Grants, and other research grant programs. His scientific interests include the biochemistry of human milk, catalytic antibodies, and exosomes.

Sergey Sedykh

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Biotechnology is a unit of engineering biology that studies ways of using living organisms, their systems, or metabolic products to solve technological problems. This book describes the modern trends and progress in biocatalysis and biotechnology, highlighting the versatility of both technologies in science and industry today. Chapters cover such topics as biocatalytic methods for solving problems of processing renewable raw materials, hydrolase-catalyzed reactions in organic synthesis, the use of biocatalytic technologies in pharmaceuticals, electrochemical techniques for the detection of breast cancer biomarkers, the oxidation and photocatalytic treatment of textile wastewater, and chitin hydrolysis.

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