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Dr. Torres received his training in North and South America, Europe and Asia. He is fully committed to achieving excellence. Dr. Torres holds a double MD degree from Chile and Italy. He obtained the specialization in Cranio Maxillofacial surgery at Messina University, Italy. He completed masters in Aesthetic medicine, Dentofacial abnormalities, Open rhinoplasty and Breast reconstruction. Dr. Torres has attended more than 50 masterclasses and cadaver dissections courses, and has published more than 30 international articles. In 2010, Dr. Torres was awarded by EACMFS as one of the most talented young surgeons in Europe. He currently works as main Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon and Clinic Director in Cirugia 360 Clinic in Santiago, Chile. He has patented different devices in the field of Aesthetic Surgery and is interested in teaching, giving courses and seminars worldwide.

Sebastian Torres Farr

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Contemporary Rhinoplasty is a very direct book that presents the procedure from different aspects, giving perspective to the audience. It describes nasal aesthetics, diagnoses, surgical planning, and the learning curve of the procedure for the novel surgeon. It analyses local aspects and technical recommendations for the use of alar rim grafts and gives the reader enough light to understand the complex chapter on saddle nose deformity. It will intersect nasal surgery with morbid conditions such as sleep breathing disorders, clefts, and head and neck cancer. Whatever level of your expertise it will surely add something to your background and enhance your practice.

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