Nikolay Britun

University of Mons

Nikolay Britun graduated from Kiev National University, Ukraine, in 2002 and received a PhD degree from Sungkyunkwan Univeristy, South Korea, in 2008. He is currently working in the laboratory “Chimie des Interactions Plasma-Surface” at the University of Mons, Belgium. His research interests are related to plasma spectroscopy, plasma chemistry, and in particular to diagnostics of the processes related to CO2 decomposition in non-equilibrium discharges.

Nikolay Britun

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Low-temperature non-equilibrium gaseous discharges represent nearly ideal media for boosting plasma-based chemical reactions. In these discharges the energy of plasma electrons, after being received from the electromagnetic field, is transferred to the other degrees of freedom differently, ideally with only a small part going to the translational motion of heavy gas particles. This unique property enables the important application of non-equilibrium plasmas for greenhouse gas conversion. While the degree of discharge non-equilibrium often defines the energetic efficiency of conversion, other factors are also of a great importance, such as type of discharge, presence of plasma catalysis, etc. This book is focused on the recent achievements in optimization and understanding of non-equilibrium plasma for gas conversion via plasma modeling and experimental work.

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