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Dr. Anton Nikiforov received the PhD degree in 2004 in the field of Physical Chemistry from the Russian Academy of Sciences. From year 2009 he works in Ghent University, the Department of Applied Physics, Research Unit of Plasma Technology (RUPT). Main research activity of Dr. A. Nikiforov is essentially experimental work that focuses on the physics, engineering and applications of non-equilibrium (“cold”) atmospheric pressure plasmas. On-going physical studies bear on plasma-surface interactions, on plasmas in liquids and on the advanced diagnostics in non-equilibrium discharges. His current research interests include plasma diagnostics and laser spectroscopy; plasma engineering of biomaterials and plasma-surface interactions.

Anton Nikiforov

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Plasma as the fourth state of matter is an ionized gas consisting of both negative and positive ions, electrons, neutral atoms, radicals, and photons. In the last few decades, atmospheric-pressure plasmas have started to attract increasing attention from both scientists and industry due to a variety of potential applications. Because of increasing interest in the topic, the focus of this book is on providing engineers and scientists with a fundamental understanding of the physical and chemical properties of different atmospheric-pressure plasmas via plasma diagnostic techniques and their applications. The book has been organized into two parts. Part I focuses on the latest achievements in advanced diagnostics of different atmospheric-pressure plasmas. Part II deals with applications of different atmospheric-pressure plasmas.

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