Ebubekir Yüksel

Gebze Technical University

Prof. Ebubekir Yüksel is a faculty member of the Environmental Engineering Department at Gebze Technical University. He received his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from İstanbul Technical University in 1992. He completed his graduate work (M.Sc., 1995 and Ph.D., 2001) at İstanbul Technical University. His research interests are applications in water and wastewater treatment facilities, electrochemical treatment processes, and filtration systems at the lab. and pilot scale, watershed management, flood control, deep-sea discharges, membrane processes, spectrophotometric analyses, chromatographic analyses, and geographic information systems. He has co-authored numerous journal articles and conference papers and has taken part in many national projects. He has produced more than 30 peer-reviewed publications in journals indexed in SCI, SCI-E, and other indexes. He has 1 patent on pump/turbine design, 3 on wastewater treatment systems, and 1 patent application on wastewater treatment systems.

Ebubekir Yüksel

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Renewable energy is the answer for future energy demand. Renewable energy is the energy that occurs in a natural manner and utilizes unlimited resources. It is the solution for reducing the dependence on fossil fuels and diminishing greenhouse gas emission. It is the key for cleaner, greener, and sustainable energy. In today's world, increased energy needs and environmental and health concerns associated with traditional energy systems have made way for rapid progress in producing energy from renewable resources. However, large-scale integration of current technologies and newer approaches are still required for more efficient and cost-effective systems. This small book is a collection of single research chapters dealing with biofuel generation and some recent methods for grid integration and storage problems. The editors would like to record their sincere thanks to the authors for their contributions.

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